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What We Do

Painless Delivery

We offer an absolutely smooth & painless delivery experience using epidural analgesia with our specially trained anaesthetists in labour pain management.

Infertility Guidance

Extensive counselling as well as treatment upto the stage of IVF is done for couples who find it difficult to concieve. We also have a tie up with world class IVF centres for those couples who need it.

Medical Abortions

We are a government recognised centre conducting medical as well as surgical abortions which are affordable, confidential and strictly adering to legal and safety protocols.


Minimally invasive & key hole surgery which ensures faster surgical recovery and patient comfort aided by our visiting endoscopists with vast experience.


All routine as well as specialised blood tests are done including histopathological examination of surgically operated specimens.


We offer the best quality cervical cancer vaccine as well as all immunisations for the newborn child to safeguard against future medical diseases.

Cancer Screening

Prevention is better than cure. Screening for cancer means picking the disease in early stages and nipping the problem in the bud.

Nonstress Test

The NST is a valuable non invasive tool which predicts the well being of the unborn baby. We use the NST for reliable decision making for management of high risk pregnancies as well as for safe labour and delivery.

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